Our Lives, 13 Years Later

Our Lives, 13 Years Later

Guitarist Gustavo Carmo and drummer Aquiles Priester met each other while on the same record label and talked about doing a project together. Thirteen years later, they were able to finish the project without ever actually meeting in a studio. Using drum parts as the foundation, Gustavo crafted a collection of instrumental songs laden with melodies, tight rhythms and blistering guitar solos giving us "Our Live, 13 Years Later".

This piece of art is heavily rooted in progressive rock, but pulls punches from many different genres and styles, creating a style defying, timeless classic. "Our Lives, 13 Years Later..." had one main goal... “to not only create great songs for an instrumental album, but to create an experience that could be repeated many times and bear new fruit upon each new listen... and naturally, to try push every limit that’s ever whispered in our direction.” Aquiles, in turn, guarantees to future listeners that “the album is very progressive and spontaneous because of the unique way it was crafted.” He goes on to say, “I think people will literally be SHOCKED when they hear it!"

The first thing I noticed about this album was the great production. Everything sounds great and is mixed just right. Gustavo favors a more staccato approach to guitar playing which nicely compliments Aquiles technical drumming style. Many of the rhythm guitar parts revolve around muted chord fragments or single note runs played in unison with the bass leaving plenty of breathing room for the many melodic themes interwoven throughout. Another thing I like about this CD is that all of the songs stand on their own. Each one has an identity and its own personality. The compositions have many sections and passages but not at the expense of the melody. The roster of special guest musicians is also worth mentioning. On this one CD you are treated to Greg Howe, Vinnie Moore, Tony Macalpine, Kevin Moore, Nili Brosh & Seda Baykara.

To sum everything up, if you like guitar instrumental music you will like this CD. It has all of the ingredients to serve up a terrific listening experience. Do yourself a favor and check this one out. You won't be disappointed.

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Craft of Unknown Origin

Craft of Unknown Origin

Craft of Unknown Origin (or "CUO" for short) is an instrumental music project started by Meeks in Helsinki, Finland. The project was set in motion some moons ago and the tracks on the "Orbit EP" are the first steps towards a full release. The EP is presented in a typical rock/metal instrumentation of guitar, bass and drums, but you can also spot an occasional note played on a mandolin or an Irish bouzouki here and there. While the material on "Orbit" could be described as guitar-based instrumental hard rock or metal, future releases may draw influence from different styles not restricted to rock and metal.

I really enjoyed this four song EP. The songs were structured very well, the production was strong and the guitar playing was technical yet melodic. I hear a wide range of influences in the guitar playing, perhaps the most prominent being John Petrucci, Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal and Tony MacAlpine. If you like great guitar playing with songs that aren't just backing tracks to play over than "Orbit" is for you. Definitely check it out and show some support for this really cool artist.

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