Scott Mishoe - A Super Nova Ready to Explode

Scott Mishoe could perhaps be the most underrated guitarists on the planet. Thirteen years ago his song "Tonic Systems" was included on the Shrapnel compilation "Omnious Guitarists from the Unknown" and still guitar players are struggling to catch up to him on a technical level. A few years after that, a video of Scott demostrating his amazing slap technique on the guitar, started circulating showing once again his ability to push the envelope. To this day, it could still be unrivaled. If there is any justice in the world of guitar, Scott Mishoe will land his dream gig and finally get the credit he deserves. In this interview, Scott talks about how he developed is unique style and how to order his new line of lesson packets that are now available. You can also order the Shred classic released initially by Mark Varney's Legato Records, Omnidirectional as well as his other release Chronic Insomiac.

Check out the video:

1. Scott, first tell us a little about your early guitar influences and how you shaped your style over the years?

Scott: I picked up my first guitar at the early age of five inspired by my brother and father who helped me get started with the basics but it wasn't until seeing Eddie Van Halen that I knew I wanted to make music my life and pursue my dreams as a guitarist. I was blown away by his unique and original style.

So of course Eddie Van Halen was a big influence as well as Alan Holdsworth, Yngwie Malmsteen and Frank Gambale. Listening to these players, helped me realize the importance of having a style and sound so I made this a top priority. I also started studying music theory from a Berklee graduate and practiced at least 8 to 10 hours a day to find my unique voice on the instrument.

Victor Wooten who is a friend of mine and Ray Riendeau who played bass on my Omnidirectional both played a major role in my development of the slap technique more commonly used by bass players. But because I loved this sound, I started applying it to the guitar

2. The first song I heard from you was "Tonic Systems" which was included on the "Ominous Guitarists From the Unknown" CD that Shrapnel Records released back in the nineties. I thought it was a great song with lots of very interesting guitar playing and set some new standards for guitar players. Could you talk about your practice routine at that time and how you developed your amazing technique?

Scott: I would divide my practice time up and focus on many areas such as chord studies, legato, tapping and several picking techniques like alternate picking and sweep picking. I decided at a very young age to strive to develop my own sound and style. I feel it is extremely important for a guitar player to have an identity. I love being as creative as I can on the instrument. I also take time to listen to different styles of music especially jazz and classical. John Coltrane is one of my favorites. Soloing over changes is something I love working on these days particulary getting creative and applying the Mishoe touch to it.

3. Flash to the future. Lots of great guitar players were on hiatus for a while and now are releasing music, videos and lessons. Could you tell us about some of your new lesson packets that are now available and best way to order them?

Scott: My latest lesson packets include only my best solos and new licks. Currently I have the following lessons available each scored and in tab: "Intense Tapping Licks" split into volume I and volume II and one called "Nacho Mamma". I wanted to write out some of my solos that are on my Omnidirectional CD and figured the clean section on "Nacho Mama" was a great example to illustrate my approach to legato, tapping and sweep picking.

All of the lessons include audio of the licks played fast and slow.

You can order my lessons by contacting me at At this time I am offering great package deals for my lesson packets and CDS. I have re-released Omnidirectional and also have available my Chronic Insomniac CD. I put my heart and soul into all my music and lessons. I truly love what I do and care very much about my students and clients.

I make sure that my clients get their money's worth when it comes to my lessons. My lesson packets are one of a kind. Over the years I have had lots of people ask me how I go about playing my solos and slap techniques. These lessons will give you insight on the unique and original ways I approach soloing. Legato, tapping, sweep picking and slapping are all techniques I commonly utilize in my playing style. I also like to utilize outside soloing. All these techniques and ideas you will find in my lesson packets. There is definitely a lot of valuable information in my lesson material.

If you enjoy more personalized one-on-one lessons, I also am accepting students for lessons on skype. I teach from beginners to advanced. I am humble, patient, and extremely easy to work with. My goal is to take the student into the direction they want to persue.

4. Your Legato release "Omnidirectional" is truly a one of a kind. It was the CD that showcased your amazing slap technique in the context of some very cool tunes. What inspired you to take this style of playing to such a high level?

Scott:I have always loved listening to bass players who use the slap technique. It is such a unique sound and I thought to myself, man how cool it would be to apply the slap technique to the guitar. Once I started writing music with bassist Ray Riendeau, I was able to pick up several techniques used for the slap style of playing.

Once I started working on this new style of playing, I was immediately hooked. I would spend numerous hours practicing these techniques and creating my own grooves and original ideas for slap guitar, Mishoe style. Ray Riendeau played bass on my omnidirectional CD and in my opinion is one of the best players I have ever heard. He is a very original and unique player. There is a good possibility that I will be working with Ray again on new material and hopefully a new CD in the near future. I have a few bass players I would like to include on my future solo projects and CDS. Ray Riendeau, Keith Horne, and Victor Wooten are the main 3 players I plan on working with in the very near future.

5. Can fans still order "Omnidirectional"? It is truly a shred classic and needs to be available.

Scott: Omnidirectional CD is now available to purchase directly from me. Contact me at to place orders for Omnidirectional, my Chronic Insomniac CD and my lesson packets. Offering great deals on my CDS and lesson packets at this time!

6. Are you also giving Skype lessons?

Scott: Yes. I am currently accepting students for lessons on skype. I am very flexible far as scheduling. I teach from beginners to advanced and am extremely easy to work with. I love what I do and helping students along on this guitar journey. Contact me at for more info and scheduling.

7. Do you have any plans for a full-scale release in the near future?

Scott: I do plan on writing and recording a new CD in the near future for sure. Right now, I am in the process of writing new material. Two songs that are going to be included on my new CD are now available to purchase on CD Baby. "Lizzards" and "Kick Ass" are the 2 songs now available for digital download. I am truly proud of these songs. I make sure to put my heart and soul into all my music. If you love guitar instrumental music then please check out my music. You can now purchase Omnidirectional CD directly from me for an excellent price. Look forward to hearing from you. Scott Mishoe is back!

For more information on Scott visit his Facebook page