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We would like to dedicate this section to up-and-coming players who posess all of the goods for becoming a great instrumental guitarist. We are looking for great compositions, technique, phrasing, attitude and style.

To be featured in "Fret Buzz" just go to our facebook page at and hit the "Like" button and upload a video of your best playing. Next, create a dropbox folder with your bio, a photo that is at least 400 pixels in width, 3 or 4 of your best recorded instrumental work and any other press materials you think are relevent. The biography should be in Word format and include the following information: Name, address, email address, influences, age and about three paragraphs of biography information. When you are finished creating your drop box folder, share it with with the message "Fretbuzz Submission".

If you are accepted you will be notified by email so please include your email address on your biography. The number of guitarists will vary from month to month depending on how many good submissions we receive

Thanks everyone and good luck!

Sincerely, staff